November 20, 2009

September 7, 2009

Progression Art

Posting some progression art, this is a crossdressing merman.

August 19, 2009

Design Concept

Today's post will include some processes I go through for making up various designs/characters.

First up is a picture of Ceph, testing out the 'classic outfit' and something more stylish. I had planned more of these but accidentally saved over the template sketch I was using -.-;

This was some designs for Lucien's new hair-design, the original seemed too cliche and used and similar to other characters. To make him stand out I redesigned it. It took me awhile to try to redraw the faces in a way he'd look a bit more stout and manly isntead of the same-copy-paste face. Pictures after this were a bit better then this sketch.
Early Poodle concepts.. as you can see Champagne and Chardonnay have went through quite a few changes to their final form today. More characters have went through some changes.. such as the trio Sesame,Claire and Kibble - first concepts of them to final designs are posted below..

August 18, 2009

Guy Art Dump!

Bring on the dudes and penors, today's posts are all guys.

First up is an old little doodle of Faye in usual girly garb and some light bondage.

Next is a comic idea I had based on an image, may finish up this one for FA. Anyways Duncan is a 'pretty straight' mongoose guy and is reluctant towards his friend Sawyer's advances. Originally just had Sawyer posing as a camwhore and Duncan being the said photographer.. sexy stuff ensues?

Here is one I actually inked. Sort of a play on red-riding hood, the anatomy was terrible and I was hoping to lean towards a sort of different style on this one.

An angry flacid hare guy. Wonder what he is pissed about? Random Champagne doodle, he is playing with a cloth or something.

August 17, 2009

Look Out! Here comes Content!

Hello and welcome all! This isn't at all my first sketchblog but it's alot more organized then my prior one. Anyways I am going to be updating I guess whenever.. showing some stuff that may or may not be located on my FurAffinity Page.

Content will be varied as will skill level, usually sketches/stuff in progress is somewhat embarrassing to show since I feel it isn't as good as it should be but, I am going to try to push past this.

For tonight's upload.. a few random sketches from the past.

This was an attempt at some pseudo-japanese, sort of copied down some characters (dunno what it spells, dont hate me T_T; ) going ofr a more Okami-ish style stuff. It wasn't good great and I felt stupid writing down random japanese characters so here it is exclusively.

This was an attempt at some more actiony picture. It was to have Sesame and Dante going head-on on a furious girl on girl battle. May finish this up one day.

This was just a cutesy waitress/waiter picture for my friend Skidd, Ceph and Skidd are serving flapjacks! It gave me an excuse to try to draw cutesy and yummy looking food, I often love how cool you can make food look in drawings and wanted to attempt that. I'm still not sure why I never got around to finishing this one.

This was one for a sort of kiriban thing, merely a bunch of Ceph clones getting it on. I loved this one if only for the expressions.

This? Now this is really random doodling. o_O;

And that is all for tonight's posts!