August 18, 2009

Guy Art Dump!

Bring on the dudes and penors, today's posts are all guys.

First up is an old little doodle of Faye in usual girly garb and some light bondage.

Next is a comic idea I had based on an image, may finish up this one for FA. Anyways Duncan is a 'pretty straight' mongoose guy and is reluctant towards his friend Sawyer's advances. Originally just had Sawyer posing as a camwhore and Duncan being the said photographer.. sexy stuff ensues?

Here is one I actually inked. Sort of a play on red-riding hood, the anatomy was terrible and I was hoping to lean towards a sort of different style on this one.

An angry flacid hare guy. Wonder what he is pissed about? Random Champagne doodle, he is playing with a cloth or something.

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