August 17, 2009

Look Out! Here comes Content!

Hello and welcome all! This isn't at all my first sketchblog but it's alot more organized then my prior one. Anyways I am going to be updating I guess whenever.. showing some stuff that may or may not be located on my FurAffinity Page.

Content will be varied as will skill level, usually sketches/stuff in progress is somewhat embarrassing to show since I feel it isn't as good as it should be but, I am going to try to push past this.

For tonight's upload.. a few random sketches from the past.

This was an attempt at some pseudo-japanese, sort of copied down some characters (dunno what it spells, dont hate me T_T; ) going ofr a more Okami-ish style stuff. It wasn't good great and I felt stupid writing down random japanese characters so here it is exclusively.

This was an attempt at some more actiony picture. It was to have Sesame and Dante going head-on on a furious girl on girl battle. May finish this up one day.

This was just a cutesy waitress/waiter picture for my friend Skidd, Ceph and Skidd are serving flapjacks! It gave me an excuse to try to draw cutesy and yummy looking food, I often love how cool you can make food look in drawings and wanted to attempt that. I'm still not sure why I never got around to finishing this one.

This was one for a sort of kiriban thing, merely a bunch of Ceph clones getting it on. I loved this one if only for the expressions.

This? Now this is really random doodling. o_O;

And that is all for tonight's posts!

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  1. Well, I hope that this blog serves you well fro as long as you see fit to invest the time into placing content into it. Best of luck to ya.