August 19, 2009

Design Concept

Today's post will include some processes I go through for making up various designs/characters.

First up is a picture of Ceph, testing out the 'classic outfit' and something more stylish. I had planned more of these but accidentally saved over the template sketch I was using -.-;

This was some designs for Lucien's new hair-design, the original seemed too cliche and used and similar to other characters. To make him stand out I redesigned it. It took me awhile to try to redraw the faces in a way he'd look a bit more stout and manly isntead of the same-copy-paste face. Pictures after this were a bit better then this sketch.
Early Poodle concepts.. as you can see Champagne and Chardonnay have went through quite a few changes to their final form today. More characters have went through some changes.. such as the trio Sesame,Claire and Kibble - first concepts of them to final designs are posted below..

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